Things I learned from Yoga and why I can’t stop, won’t stop


Yoga changed my life about 5 years ago. I was a here and there yogi, a person feeling without a purpose, I had self doubt and realized I didn’t like who I was becoming. After attending a few sweaty classes at an older studio here in town, I quickly fell deeply in love with the practice.  I allowed my head and heart to be open to the teachings and there was nothing that made me feel better, that helped shed the day away and that reminded me, I am good, we are good.. and that was huge. What they said was…

Assume Positive Intent

It’s the only way to stay above the negative black hole that will just bring you down

Learn to Let Go

Let go of the negative, whether it is people or things or thoughts just let it GO

Learn to just say YES!

Say Yes to new things; to change, to people, to ideas, to places

Set an Intention

What is your goal here, now.. It can be as easy as, today I am going to feel strong

Be forgiving, of yourself and of others

No one is perfect, that shouldn’t even be a word

Be Flexible to change and allow it to happen

It’s inevitable, it’s all around and there is no stopping it, just go with the flow

Don’t be scared of what you can’t control

It’s all part of letting go, it’s a stress release

Don’t hold grudges

Against yourself or others for we can or can’t do. What good does it do, can’t we just accept people for who they are? See above..

Live each day. Be thankful 

Living can mean something different to each person. I Live by looking up and admiring the beautiful blue sky, taking a breath and enjoy being in the moment

Love the ones you love, tell them you love them

Hey.. I love you…

No buts…

Say And instead

It’s OK to start over

Control + Z and just start over, even if you have to say you’re sorry and then let it go

Just try it, you may like it

How do you know if you’ve never tried it, tasted it, explored it

Be yourself

Everyone may not approve but at least you’re being TRUE

You are STRONG

You got this. You are strong. I AM strong.

Think this, say this, repeat this. And then just Be.

Yoga Studios we love:

Black Swan Yoga– Austin, TX …where is all started in a sweaty hotbox

Practice Yoga – Austin, TX

Wanderlust Yoga – Austin, TX

East Austin Bikram Yoga – Austin, TX

Core Power Yoga– Austin, Dallas, Denver, etc.

Reach Yoga – San Diego, CA



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