Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach

This beach was awesome! I found a few photos of it on IG and knew it was a spot I wanted to check out while we were exploring the Olympic Park area. Thankfully it was on the side closest to the Hoh Rainforest so spent the afternoon here after a quick catnap in the car. Getting to the Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach was actually not as hard as we thought.

The beach is kinda famous from the movie Twilight, ugh, so of course a trip to Forks is a must if you are in the area. We drove through town on July 4th, which at first made us nervous becuase of all the anticiapted traffic, but as we headed through town they were literally closing down the road behind us for the annual 4th of July parade. (Can you image all the Bella and Edward floats?! Double Ugh) Thankfully, once on the west side of town we could head out to Rialto with no issues.

Rialto Beach is just shy of 16 miles west of Forks, Washinton.

There is ample parking available on site as well as a public restroom. The beach is littered with driftwood and tree debris, giant old dead dried tree logs are everywhere so be sure to bring appropriate footwear. If you want to check out the Hole in the wall, its best to go during low tide. Hop on the beach and head north toward the giant outcroppings. The trail is basically the beach itself. 


It took us about an hour to walk all the way to the end of the beach, about 2 miles. Once you arrive, you’ll start to see the hole appear and then you’ll have to scale the sides of the rock face and wade through and around toward the little square opening opening.

How to Hole DSCF3350

Look down in the water while you cross and you’ll see these awesome little green guys everywhere!


Once your on the other side of the hole the tide pools open up and there is tons to photograph. We spent about an hour here exploring the water and enjoying the outcroppings. Just be mindful of the tide so you dont get stuck!


NW Coast 2017-70 tre.jpg

(Above tidepools photo by Tre Dunham)


The walk back was also really beautiful. The sun was just right and I was able to capture this awesome look-alike to that photo of Tre from Vik, Iceland on the black sand beach.

P.S. on the way home we stopped in Sequim for a beautiful 4th of July display! Such a special treat to end the day.


Hope you have a safe and epic trip out to Rialto Beach, Y’all.

Thanks for reading!


Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach

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  1. CAPPADOCIA says:

    Very nice beach, love to go one day


  2. Thank you for such a wonderful post, I appreciate your efforts.


  3. Yugo PK says:

    This have to be so exciting to visit for sure


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