Grand Teton and Mormon Row

Part two of our winter adventure took us on another snow trek. While we were heading home from the family winter trip that took us to Big Sky and Yellowstone in the winter, we stopped by Grand Teton National Park and decided to hike our way to Mormon Row in the snow.  Mormon Row is closed in the winter, the road ends and the snow is so thick you either need cross country skis or snow shoes to make your way there. Being the adventurers that we are, we were like, why not hike it!

Distance from Yellowstone to Grant Teton: 68 Miles

Mormon Row is a line of homestead complexes along the Jackson-Moran Road near the southeast corner of Grand Teton National Park, in the valley called Jackson Hole.”  Built in 1927 and still accessible to the public they are probably the most photographed barns in the United States. 

While walking the road up to the turn off we met the nicest couple who offered us a ride in their truck and actually turned out to be descendants of the original farm owners! They own the last privately held house on Mormon Row, just down the way from the original barn and invited us to come in and visit for a while. They spend the summers at the house welcoming visitors and photographers and then retire for the winter to another home while the roads are closed.

Tre was able to also able to visit Grand Teton and Mormon Row again in the fall while on the way to Banff. He captured a beautiful sunrise over the barn showing all the wonderful texture in the old wood. The sunset photo was taken from the Willow Flats overlook while listening to elk bugling, and visiting with other wildlife lovers.

The following photos were taken by Tre Dunham 

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More from our Trip to Mormon Row and Jackson Hole:


I just want one of these Jackson Hole antler arches to be the entry way of my house!


Being the avid crocheter and knitter that I am, I have to mention Knit on Pearl, located right in the middle of Jackson Hole. We have stopped there two times now on separate road trips and I just can’t get enough. They have an amazing selection of yarns and usually have a very friendly dog who greets you at the door and then finds a precarious spot on a chair that seems a little too small for him. They are worth the stop!

A special thank you to the family who was so kind to invite us in and share their story of Mormon Row. We chose not to mention them by name to ensure they can maintain some privacy in the winter. If you’re ever out in Grand Tetons in the winter, the hike to Mormon Row is a great add on!

Keep on Keeping’ on, y’all!


Grand Teton

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