Rocky Mountain National Park

Hello Mountains!

Part three of our annual road trip last winter was a stop in Rocky Mountain National Park! The park has been on our todo list for years and after several failed attempts we made it! This was my first time visiting the park and Tre’s first time back after about 15 years. The most notable disaster was when our old truck broke down after skiing in Steamboat, just outside Dillon, Colorado and we had to camp out for a few days in a hotel with dogs in tow while Ford ordered a part and worked on the truck. Story for another day…

Distance from Grant Teton to Rocky Mountain  479 Miles

Where we stayed: The Stanley Hotel

Where we hiked: Glacier Gorge Trailhead to Dream Lake, Sprague Lake

We set up camp in Estes Park, but not our usual camp.  We booked a room at the famous Stanley Hotel just 5 miles down the road from the entrance to the park. The Stanley is most notable for inspiring Stephen King to write the book and future movie, The Shining.  The hotel is beautiful with its colonial inspired architecture and yet creepy, offering alleged paranormal activity tours onsite. We did not witness any ghosts or abnormal activity in our room, which was just a couple doors down from where King stayed, but did enjoy the entry bone key, room decor and comfy bed, and all the hotel lounge areas, paintings and decor.

A few of you may know that I am also an avid crocheter/knitter so I have to mention the very friendly and amazingly huge yarn store we stopped at where I admiringly indulged in a giant bag of yarns for the road, The Stichin’ Den


Hike to Dream Lake

It was a gorgeous day to hike to Dream Lake. Plenty of people were out on the trails that day, and somehow we still managed to feel alone in the woods. Dream Lake is frozen over entirely in the winter allowing hikers and cross country skiers to cross safely to the other side.


Photos above by Tre Dunham



Sprague Lake


. . .

These last few photos are from our drive home to Texas, a beautiful shot of the Rocky Mountains and then a quick detour to the Regency Suspension Bridge outside of San Saba, Texas. The bridge allows one car at a time to pass and sways gently as you cross.



Thanks for joining us on our Winter trip from last year.

Adventure On Y’all!


Rocky Mountain National Park

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  1. Pam Dewberry says:

    hi, thanks for your tips on Iceland ; going there in September for my daughters wedding (she met you at a birthday party in Austin a few weeks ago)
    I definitely will buy some waterproof pants and bring some food .
    Enjoy your future travels !

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  2. You’re amazing and inspiring.. Glad to read his post. Thank you so much for sharing a great information!

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  3. Pusat Jagaan says:

    Snow…snow… snow…

    :Lovely snow.

    Would like to go there


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